Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's creating today!

Hey everyone, 

Even though I have a twitter account I confess I don't really read many of the tweets from the people I follow.  But as luck would have it I happened to catch one from Jule Fei-Fan Balzer about an art postcard swap being initiated by iHanna.

I have from time to time seen some of iHanna's blog posts (you can check out her blog here) in the past about art journaling, but I was unaware that she held this wonderful postcard swap.  The concept was simple for a small fee you get 10 names and addresses. you create 10 original 4" x 6" (not store bought) postcards and mail one to each name on your list by a specific deadline.  In return you should receive 10 original postcards via mail.

DIY Postcard swap banner 2013

Since I found out about the swap at the last minute I was hard pressed to create 10 cards in just a few days.  And for those of you who know me very well, I obsess over things a lot so this was a real challenge for me.  I decided to keep my concepts simple.  The whole idea of the swap to me was to promote friendship through art.  So why not extend a "Hand of Friendship" to those whose names I received with a little help of a Balzer Designs stencil. 

(Mediums: watercolors, ink, gel pens, Micron pens, and a white Signo pen.)

(Mediums used: watercolor, Micron pens, and a white Signo pen)

(Mediums used: watercolors, pen and ink, gel pens, and a white Signo pen)

(Mediums used: watercolors, Micron pens, gel pens, white Signo pen, and archival ink)

(Mediums used: watercolors, Micron pens, white Signo pen, and pen and ink)

Admittedly my short attention span got the better of me and I got bored with hands after the first 5 so I tried to think of what else to me could mean friendship and of course the phrase "extend an olive branch" came to mind so I switched to "Trees of Friendship".

(Mediums used: Micron pens and pan pastels)

(Mediums used: watercolors and Micron pens)

(Mediums used: watercolors, Micron Pens and white Signo pen)

(Mediums used: watercolors, Micron pens and gel medium)
**The tree and leaves were cut from a Japanese newspaper


 (Mediums used: watercolors, archival ink, Micron pens and a white Signo pen)

Sadly this swap is over but hopefully I will hear about more swaps.  I often thought it would be fun to find a group and get involved with a collaborative art journal or quilt project too.  I'll keep on the lookout or who knows maybe start one myself. 

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.  I've had a lot of projects and ideas rolling around in my head lately, which I'm looking forward to sharing.

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What are you creating today?