Thursday, July 2, 2015

What's Creating Today!

Hi Everyone!   I hope you enjoyed my last post on the cards I created for iHanna's DIY Postcard swap.  As promised today I'm showing off the wonderful cards I have received so far.  All the cards that greeted me in my mailbox were so beautiful and very inspiring.  Each was delightfully unique and has motivated me to try new techniques and materials, and encouraged me to use some old favorites in new ways.  I can't thank all those who sent me cards enough. I feel so blessed to have gotten such gorgeous pieces of art from such talented ladies.
On to the fabulous cards I received though:
This first one I received was created by Arielle from Baltimore, Maryland
Arielle used a stamping technique she learned about on Alisa Burke's website.  I am a big fan of Alisa's work too, so I'm looking forward to trying this technique as well.  Great job!!!
The next card was created by Elizabeth from Edinburgh, Scotland
Elizabeth told me she used her love of poetry, Washi Tape and Origami to create her card. I have lots of Washi tape but strangely don't use it much.  Elizabeth has inspired me to pull it out and incorporate it more into my own work.  Nicely done!!!
The next card was created by Cynthia from Jacksonville, Florida
Cynthia incorporated elements into her cards that were really in tune to the types of cards I create.  Text backgrounds, fun colors, nature imagery and of course a message to share, which to me rang so true.  A beautiful piece of work!!!
 My next card was created by Ellen of Williamsburg, Virginia
Ellen also incorporated bright fun colors in her postcard and I love the way she outlined the different parts of her collage to really make them pop.  Ellen also included a wonderful quote from Carl Jung in her note:  "Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain."   Very inspiring!!!
This next card was created by Eileen from Southern California
I love Eileen's stamped background in softer tones, it really makes the red of the hearts pop.  Eileen has inspired me to try using more stamping in my backgrounds.  Wonderful job!!!
This next card was created by Sandra - (no hometown given)
This card is really stunning with its colorful stenciled background and the way it makes the black and white birds really stand out.  Really beautifully done!!!

The next card I received was from Seattle, Washington and it was created by Gwen
This was such a wonderfully colorful and whimsical abstract card.   I love the color scheme.  And I love the stamped image so cleverly incorporated that is almost like a hidden treasure.  Very beautiful!!!
The last card I received so far was created by Urshka from Krsko, Slovenia.
This amazing card was simple and elegant.  I love the colorfully woven design pattern.  And I especially love how it was affixed to a corrugated Kraft paper.  Truly elegant!!! 
 I'm still waiting on 2 more postcards and hope they will come soon.
I hope you have enjoyed the cards.  Come back soon where I will be sharing my collage work flow process.  Thanks for dropping by.