Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A View from Canada - Prince Edward Island

Hello again and welcome back!

Continuing on from the last post where I shared pictures of our first few days spent in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and bringing you to our first look at Prince Edward Island.

After a 75 minute ferry ride we finally made it onto Prince Edward Island.  From there it was still another 2 1/2 hours to our final stop, the Seascape Chalet, our home away from home for the next week. 

Some of the views from the chalet
  Here are some pictures of how we spent our week on the Island


At the Anne of Green Gables House




At the Brackley Beach Ceilidh (Pronounced KAY-lee) starring Cynthia MacLeod and featuring Jon Matthews

 Here's a video of Cynthia in action.  Sorry the video quality is so bad, but hopefully if gives you an idea of what kind of music Cynthia is known for.  You can find many more great videos of Cynthia if you do a search for her on You Tube.
 In Charlottetown, the Capitol of PEI

In a strange coincedence Jon Matthews was playing at the Peakes Wharf summer concert series the next day in Charlottetown

Well I hope you have enjoyed this peek into our family vacation this year.  Prince Edward Island was such a beautiful place and we are really looking forward to going back someday.

Welcome 2014!!!