Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's new at The Loft - Episode 46

Happy New Year from The Loft!!!!!

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I can't believe I did it but I finished my last card on New Year's Eve.  It's hard to believe that I have made 365 cards this year.  I started out with this challenge in mind, not sure if I could do it or if I would have the patience and resolve to keep it up for an entire year, but I did it!  

It all began with my first card of a Dalek, because I had been watching a Doctor Who marathon on New Year's Day 2010.  And now that I am up to the final day in the challenge how do I end such a challenge.

I suppose I could have gone for some outrageous, over the top card, but when I sat and thought about what I wanted my last card to be, it just came naturally that I needed to end the challenge where it started, with Doctor Who .  So here it is my final ATC 3.6.5. Challenge card for 2010.   Happy Who Year!!!

I am so proud of myself for setting this personal goal and keeping to it.  And while it hasn't been easy, it has been a learning and growing experience.  I was able to look at things in a whole new way.  I have been able to use supplies and materials in new ways and to see things around me as inspiration for cards.  What I didn't count on with this experience though, was the effect it would have on those around me.  I received not only encouragement from friends and family but materials for inspiration and to create them.  My strongest supporter through this challenge has been my husband who continually encouraged me to keep looking at this as a learning process and to not give up.  And while I acquired the knowledge to see inspiration in new things and materials, it has been a lot of fun watching him acquire a really great eye for potential card supplies and inspiration sources as well.  It has been a great year and but where do we go from here.     


Ok, so I have decided that my 2011,  3.6.5. Challenge will be to take a macro photograph every day.  I chose to do a macro photography challenge this year because I saved for a long time and about 6 months ago I was finally able to purchase a 100 mm Macro lens for my camera.  I have been playing with the lens a little since I got it but I had not been able to achieve some of the things I would like to do with it, and what better way to learn then by doing.  I am hoping to not only learn more about my camera and how to use this lens, but to see things with a new eye not only for composition but for detail as well.  So let's get the challenge started.

1/1/11 - Cat's Eye - courtesy of my cat Nigel.

  I have always loved my cat's eyes but never really looked so closely at them that I could see all the different colors in them.  A macro shot really showed me the wonderful greens, yellows, golds and browns that mix together to make up his beautiful eyes. 

Exposure ISO 400, f 2.8, 1/60 second, focal length 100 mm

I hope you enjoy the new challenge. Encouragement, ideas, inspiration and comments are always welcome so please drop me a line and tell me what's on your mind. 

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