Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's new at The Loft - Episode 103

Fun with my iphone camera

Cell phones today have become so multi purpose, which makes shopping for a new one a very personal experience.  Everyone has their own specific needs or wants when it comes to what they want their phones to have or do.  What I was looking for in a new cell phone was much different than what my husband wanted.  He really wanted an iphone to consolidate the features of his ipod touch, phone and perhaps even his Kindle.  I have an ipad which I love, but wasn't sure I wanted to get a smaller version of that with a phone feature as well.  I don't really care for touch screen keyboards (I like Qwerty keypads), but what I really wanted was a good camera.  My old phone was decent, but I wanted something a little better this time.  After playing with the iphone cameras in the store however I was sold on that aspect but I really had a hard time with the touch screen keyboard. 

The compromise was to get the iphone 4S with Siri voice recognition, so I don't need to worry about typing.  The phones were sold out so we had to order them and my hubby was anxiously awaiting their arrival.  I was excited too since I had ordered some fun accessories for my iphone camera from Photojojo. 

The first thing I ordered were these three neat lenses.  I purchased a telephoto, a wide angle/macro lens and a fish eye lens.  These lenses seem to be very sturdy made of light weight metal and connects to the phone via magnet.  All 3 lenses cost around $50.00.

Diefenbaker's head looks so big but her body looks so small with a fish eye

And here's a photo of a Lord of the Rings action figure taken with the macro

I also purchase these 3 fun plastic lenses.  One lens is a wide angle lens, another is a starburst filter lens, and the third one is a kaleidoscope filter lens.  Each connects to the camera with an adhesive gummy ring that is reusable.  The lenses themselves are a lot of fun, but the gummy adhesive does not work as well as I had hoped.  The lenses frequently fall off the camera before you even have a chance to snap the photo.  However for the price ($5.00 each) they do produce some fun pictures even with the hassle.

Cassidy was wearing her Dad's Halloween outfit when I snapped this photo with the kaleidoscope lens.

And I really love these pictures I snapped with the starburst lens

If you have never been on Photojojo's website I highly recommend it. They always have great tips and tutorials for creating interesting pictures, and their store has really neat camera and camera themed goodies.

Well that's all I have for today.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back soon.

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