Monday, December 19, 2011

What's new at The Loft - Episode 105

Thanksgiving at Universal - Part 2

The day after Thanksgiving we went over to the original Universal Studios park. 

Cassidy and Ray started out the day by going on this roller coaster that circles around about 1/3 of the park.

Cassidy gave the ride two thumbs up

and while they were doing that Ashlyn and I visited with The Simpson's

And Ashlyn had her picture taken with Dora and Diego

The Christmas tree was beautiful

But it looked really awesome with a starburst lens.

The New York area is my favorite in all the park.  I love all the little alleys, brownstones and storefronts, especially when lit up at night.

Did I mention that I really love the fisheye lens

Then Ashlyn and I got some more henna tattoos.  Ashlyn got her whole hand done and some fingers in a similar pattern from the day before.

And I got a medallion on my hand similar to the one I had done the day before along with one finger done and a wrist cuff.

Ashlyn snapped this picture of herself as she waited while I got my henna tattoo done

And while the rest of the family went on some rides I played around with some apps to enhance some photos.  I couldn't decide which filter I liked better!

Here's Cassidy and Dad being silly

As night approached all the Christmas lights came on

With my new macro lens I took a few bokeh pictures

And of course I had to get a fisheye photo of the tree all lit up

We had such a great time at Universal, and we are looking forward to going back to Vero Beach for Christmas.  Happy Holidays and thanks for stopping by. 

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