Friday, March 4, 2016

What's creating today - Spreading the love all year round

What's Love Got to Do with it - Everything!!!

So sorry I'm a few days late with my February post, but life has a way of dominating everything else around me.  I hope today's post though will still convey the spirit of what everyone associates the month of February with.

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day that we remind those closest to us that we love them.  And now that February is over it got me thinking, why does that expression of love have to be restricted to just one day?   Why not spread the love more often!

When my kids were younger I used to put notes in their lunchboxes.  It wasn’t anything fancy just a small handwritten note telling them to have a great day or that I loved them.  I would also occasionally leave a sticky note on the bathroom mirror after my husband went to bed, so that he would see it when he went in the next morning.  Again it usually wasn’t anything fancy just a smiley face, or a heart or a simple “I love you”.

Admittedly as my children grew (and stopped taking lunch boxes to school) or as I got busy with life and my own personal pursuits, I drifted away from doing this.  This year’s Valentine’s Day especially reminded me that I should not take for granted those we love, and that I needed to reaffirm that love more often than I had been doing.

For me thinking of ways to spread the love all year round has opened my eyes to other ideas and possibilities for projects, one’s that I hope will stretch my imagination and allow me to use my meager artistic talents more.  However showing your affection, appreciation and love doesn't have to be complicated or a big grand gesture;  even the simple approach gets the point across.

Here are just a few simple ways to spread the love often:

Leave a sticky note on a bathroom mirror

Write a message on the steamed up glass door of a shower or on a mirror, but don’t wipe off, so when the shower gets steamed up again the message will re-emerge
Leave a card or a note on that special person’s car windshield at a place you know they are going to be – For example – my husband left me a card once on my windshield at my Yoga class.

Leave a note or message on the inside of the front door so that those you love see it when they are walking out, or on the outside of the door so they see it when they come in.
Leave a message on a refrigerator, microwave or pantry door for the kids so they see it when they get home from school.  TV screens, remotes or game consoles are good places too!
Send an e-mail or leave a voicemail for that special person at their work, after you know they have left for the day, so they get it the next time they are back at work.
Leave note on their pillow so they see it before they go to bed.
Leave a postcard or notecard poking out of the pages of a book you know your loved one is reading.

I hope this post inspires you to show those you care about that they are special and loved all year round and not just on Valentine’s Day. 
Feel free to e-mail me, or send pictures on how you have “Spread the Love”.  Email them to



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