Monday, July 25, 2011

What's new at The Loft - Episode 95

Hot Air Balloons Early on a Sunday Morning

I am fortunate to live in an area that is frequently used to launch hot air balloons.  Most of the launches tend to be in the early morning because of the blazing afternoon heat here in Florida, and the lightning prone afternoon thunderstorms we get in our summer rainy season.  And while I get to see a good deal of them, my schedule doesn't really allow me to photograph them,  as I am usually rushing around the house trying not to be late for work, or I'm driving into work when they are out.   I normally don't get to see the weekend launches either because I like my sleep and I don't like to get up early on my days off.  So with that being said it has been some time since I have been able to catch any hot air balloons with my camera.

On this particular day, a few Sunday's ago, I grumbled a lot when my dog woke me up very early to go out but all was quickly forgotten when I looked up and saw 3 colorful hot air balloons flying above my backyard.  I quickly ran back into the house and grabbed my camera but I was only able to capture 2 of them though.  The 3rd one was coming down to land and was already too low to capture. 

This was the first photo I took. I love the haziness of this photo, but this was not a filter or a post processing enhancement, this photo is straight out of the camera. This is the direct result of taking my camera from a cool house (thanks to the wonders of AC) to a very warm and humid backyard, causing my lens to naturally fog over.

Here the lens is finally acclimated to the heat and humidity outside.

I love to see the hot air balloons flying around, and never get tired of  photographing them.  

I hope you enjoyed the photos.  Feel free to send me your comments and let me know what you think.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back soon.

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