Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's new at The Loft - Episode 10

Tampa Bay Scrapbooking Guild Inaugural Event

Our kick off event took place Tuesday night at the Milk & Honey Tea Room and was a big success. We had a great turn out and our guests enjoyed tea and awesome scones while we introduced our Board members, talked about the Guild and its purpose and inducted new members.  Our speaker Jill Haglund, better known as "Tweety Jill" was a real hit and gave an entertaining talk about her start in the business. Jill then conducted a make and take of playing card ATC's with part of the group, while the others enjoyed our show and tell presentation.

Here are some photo's from the event.

Guild President - Teri Morrow

Guests enjoying tea and scones

Fun at the make and take

       the make
       and take

Jill is so awesome!!!

Show and Tell time

The Board of Directors with Tweety Jill (that's me next to Jill on the right)

Jill was kind enough to pose with me for a photo holding my make and take ATC.  I have close ups of the ATC below.

Janet, our lovely host from the Milk & Honey Tea Room

and Janet's mom, our other gracious host.

ATC 3.6.5. Challenge

Here's my Tweety Jill ATC made on 3/23.  This is a 2 sided ATC made using a playing card.  This side was made using some polka dotted paper for the background, layered with a script pattened paper.  The script paper was edged with red ink and then glued at an angle on top of the polka dotted paper.  The script paper was then stamped with a chicken wire stamp in black ink and a chicken stamp in a brown ink.  Added on top was a silver ring tag stamped with a egg farm stamp in black ink.

Here's the back:

The back of the card was the number side of the card layered with a strip of red polka dotted paper.  On top it was stamped with more chicken wire in black ink, another chicken stamp, and a ticket stamp in black.  Added on top were some bingo card numbers. I even had Jill sign the card as a souvenir for me.  C.R. 5.0

My card from 2/24 is called "Spring Flowers" and was made by painting the background with a Neo II water color crayon in sky blue, and adding water to even out the color.  Next I took a coffee filter and sprayed it with meadow green Glimmer mist.  Once dried I cut a few strips out of this, and rolled into a tube and flattened to form the stems. I then cut two more strips and folded in half to make some spiked leaves. I then cut a larger strip and folded in half and put it into a rose leaf punch. One important thing I learned is that you cannot get a clean punch from a single layer of a coffee filter. However when I folded it over and had a double layer it punched cleaner. It still wasn't perfect, but I was able to get a good amount of leaves.  the stems and the leaves were then glued down to form the base of the bouquet.  Next I made each of the flowers buds by Glimmer Misting 5 coffee filters in bright spring colors.  To make the flowers I cut a wedge from each of the colored filters.  I wrapped them until it formed what looked like a flower.  Each flower as it was made was then glued down at the top of a stem.  Lastly I finished the leaves by taking a Martha Stewart fine tipped marker and drawing the leaf veins on. C.R. 5.0

My card from 2/25 is called "Enjoy the Journey" and was created using a layering technique.  I stared by adhering striped paper to the background and then edge with dark blue chalk ink.  I then took a antique looking postcard paper and ripped it into a strip exposing the white core.  I thin inked the edges with red chalk ink.  From here I detail cut the image of the woman from an Anthropologie catalog.  I then stamped a postage stamp, and the title stamp in black ink.  C.R. 3.5

Well that's all I have for today.  Feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you think.  Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

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