Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's new at The Loft - Episode 16

ATC 3.6.5. Challenge update

Life at loft has gotten so busy lately that I have been behind in my posting for the ATC 3.6.5. challenge.  I'm still keeping up with my card per day resolution, just can't seem to find the time lately to post about them.  The family and I will be going on vacation soon so I want to get caught up in time to launch an even bigger challenge for our time away.  More to follow on that, but right now on to the cards.

My card from 3/16 is called "Beach Beauty".  I started by cutting a background of paper with the image of burlap from the Tweety Jill "Retro Rooster" paper pack.  I then cut the image of the child from Tweety Jill "Vintage Photographs" collage pack.  I detail cut the image, but instead of just cutting the child only, I cut it with some of the background with it. This was adhered to the card with some Tombow glue stick.  I then stamped a butterfly wing on white paper and colored it in using Zig markers.  Next I detail cut the wing and adhered it to the card positioning it in the shoulder area of the child.  The hat was then stamped on white paper and colored with Crayola watercolor pencil.  I detail cut this image as well and glued on top of the child's head with a Tombow glue stick.

My card from 3/17 is called "Not a Hobbit" and was my tribute to St. Patricks Day.  I got the idea for this card from a conversation I had with my younger daughter on Leprechauns, and the only way I could think to describe them was to compare them to something that she was already familiar with, which were Hobbits.  In talking on the subject further we imagined that a really surly Leprechaun probably wouldn't like the comparison, thus the concept was born.  I started this card by cutting a paper background from some green and yellow plaid paper that was part of my Scrapbooking Daily Calendar.  I then cut a Celtic sash from another page of the Scrapbooking Daily Calendar, and adhered it diagonally on the card.  Next I printed out a picture that I found online of the Leprechaun and detail cut it out.  I glued it on top of the sash with a Tombow glue stick.  I then took a plastic gold coin and adhered it to the card with a glue dot.  Lastly I printed out "I'm not a Hobbit" and glued it down at the top of the card. 

My card from 3/18 is called "Cheers.  I started out by creating the background of this card, by doing a  crosshatch pattern with my Neo II watercolor crayons.  The image of the woman and the men were detail cut but cut in separate pieces.  The images were cut from a birthday card my hubby gave me.  (Yes this was the card that my Michael Bubl√© tickets came in).  My husband is so fantastic because not only did he get me the tickets to the concert, but he deliberately picked a card that he knew I would reuse as an ATC.  He is the best!  The images on the card however were just a little big for the card so I had to trim them a bit and overlap them in order tfor them o fit.  Once I had the proportions right I glued them down with a Tombow glue stick.  Lastly I stamped the title on with my mini wood alpha stamps.

My card from 3/19 is called "Wish".  I started this card by cutting a background from a magazine I was looking at on Charleston, S.C.  I adhered the picture to the card using a Tombo glue stick.  Next I detail cut the image of the horse from a bookmark my daughter picked up from our local library and adhered it on top of the background.  The title was taken from a clear word sticker pack I had.

My card from 3/20 is called "Jambo".  I started this card by adhering an old Disney Animal Kingdom resort map to the card as a background.  The gorilla and palm tree photo is actually two parts of the same photo layered on top of each other and then glued down to the map.  I really liked the effect of depth and dimension this technique gave the image.  Next I painted a sun in the top left hand corner of the card, and outlined in black Zig marker.  Lastly I cut the title also from the same resort map used for the background.
My card from 3/21 is called "Paris Lady".  I made this card using all Tweety Jill papers from the "Travel to Paris" collage pack.  I started by cutting the background out of a rust colored Toille pattern and glued it down.  I next stamped the paper with a french script handwriting stamp in black ink.  Instead of detail cutting the image of the lady for this card I left the full portrait in tact, and glued her to the bottom left of the card.  Next I cut the small image of the black France stamp and placed it at an angle in the bottom right hand corner.  Lastly I stamped a Paris postage stamp image in black just off to the right of the lady.

For 3/22 my card was called "The Way You Look Tonight"  I started this card by cutting from a  large flower in Bisous PDQ paper.  I then inked the paper on the edges with Tsukineko midnight blue chalk ink and lightly smeared the surface with their barn red chalk ink.  Next I detail cut the image of the woman from the Tweety Jill "Women in Hats" collage paper and glued the image off the the bottom left side of the card.  Lastly I printed out the words for the title and cut each word separate and adhered in a column down the right side of the card.

My card from 3/23 is called "Flower Art" and I started this card with a page of text cut from a magazine, and glued it down.  I then took white Liqutex "Basics" acrylic paint and lightly dry brushed the text.  Next I stamped the image of the flower with black ink.  The stem is actually a different flourish stamp from another stamp pack I had.  Next I painted the flower and with "Basics" red paint and the stem with their green paint.  Next I took a pencil and doodled the edges of the card, and then painted with "Basics" blue paint.  Once dried I outlined the flower, stem and doodled edge with a black wide point Zig marker.  I then went back in and added some swirled doodles at the edges with the thin point of my black Zig marker.  Lastly I added the white dots in different places using a white Uniball pen.

My card from 3/24 is called "Listen Learn".  I really love this card which was made using some great sticker packs my husband got for me while he was on a business trip in San Diego (See my next post for more on these stickers).   The background was cut from a sticker pack of vintage perfume labels.  The image of the woman was also cut from the vintage perfume label pack but was detail cut and adhered to the background using pop up dots.  I then used some clear word stickers for the title. 

My card from 3/25 is called "Alice in Wonderland" and was made using papers from the Tweety Jill "Alice in Wonderland" collage pack.  I started with an book page image as a background that was inked with Colorbox "Cats Eye" ink in green and yellow.  I next cut the image of the checker board and glued it down.  Afterwards I detail cut the image of Alice out and adhered her to the top.  The title I cut from the back flyer of the collage pack.


Since I do a lot of miniatures I wanted to get lens to do a better job photographing them.  I've been saving for several months now to purchase a 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens and finally I saved enough to pay for it.   I haven't had a lot of time to play with this lens yet but here was the first picture I took with it.  This is a straight out of the camera photo with no thought to settings on my camera.  I literally just pointed the camera and shot the picture.

 Here is a close up of a postage stamp

When I have a chance to take more pictures with this new lens I will post more photos.

That's all I have for today.  As always your comments are welcome so please feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you think.  Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.

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