Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ATC 3.6.5. Round 8

Greetings from The Loft

Welcome back! Yippee, with this post I am caught up on my posting of the ATC cards I have completed so far in January. My work process is that I generally do my ATC's at night (I work full time so this is usually my only chance to work on them), so from now on new ATC's for the day will be posted the next day. So tomorrow I will post only the card from the 26th, and move on to some new things.

So here we go, on to Round 8. The first card I've posted today is from 1/23 and is called "So in Love". To create this card, I cut the background out of some great Webster's Pages vellum and glued it to the card. I then detail cut the figure of the lady from my great Tweety Jill collage pack, and glued her down on top. I then cut out the words from some Theresa Collins paper and adhered them to the top of the card. I love this vellum and had to go back and purchase several more sheets of it.

My card from 1/24 is called "Night on the Town." I was flipping through a fashion magazine one night and came across an advertisement with these skyscrapers at night and immediately ripped it out of the magazine. A light bulb went off and it became my inspiration for the ATC. The ad was really big so I chose which part I wanted for the background on my ATC, and trimmed it down. After I glued the skyscraper background to my card I then detail cut the image of the dancing couple from my Tweety Jill collage pack and glued it on top of the background. I then finished off the card by taking some white paint from my Adirondack paint dabber and applying it with a Q tip to the outer edges of the card in a dabbing motion, to draw the eye more to the center of the card.

My last card to post for today is from 1/25 and is called "Fly". To create this card I used a piece of artist paper that was part of a free sample from Somerset Memories magazine. I trimmed the paper to fit the card and glued it down. Next I detail cut a woman from my Tweety Jill collage pack. I then detail cut a butterfly from my Tweety Jill collage paper. I glued the butterfly to the back of the woman to give her wings and then glued the whole thing down to the background. Next I stamped the word Fly at the top of the card.

I'm very happy to finally be caught up with the cards now, so I can go on to post one per day and begin showing you what else I have been working on lately. Can't wait to start showing some new things. As always your comments are welcome, so feel free to post them. Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you come back soon!

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